*The law office of Brian Plotts only provides legal services for people and organizations who have signed a contract in person with Brian Plotts.

Immigration Law

ICE-logoLooking for a sharp immigration lawyer? Schedule a meeting with a legal specialist from the Plotts Law Firm.

Criminal Law

scales-of-justiceCharged with a crime? Worried about the immigration consequences? We specialize in helping non-citizens charged with crimes.


Green Card Services

Green CardAs your immigration attorney, we can aide you in obtaining what is commonly referred to as a "Green Card".

Houston, Texas · Immigration Attorney · Criminal Defense Lawyer · Board Certified

law office blue 230If you are looking for an attorney in Houston to work for you as it relates to matters regarding immigration, obtaining a "Permanent Residency" in the United States, preventing the deportation of a family member, or situations involving criminal allegations, we at Plotts Law Firm are here to help.

Our legal team consists of attorneys with years of experience in all arenas of criminal law and federal immigration law. Brian Plotts is a well seasoned legal practitioners with a wealth of litigation experience that their clients have benefited from time and time again.

Well respected in the Texas legal community, the people who make up the Plotts Law Firm are never too busy to sit down and meet with a person about their particular representation needs. Whether it be preventing a loved from being deported from U.S. shores, or fighting criminal allegations, we're ready to help. Our office is located at 4151 Southwest Fwy in Houston, TX. We are in suite number 370.

The Plotts Law Firm Legal Team

Location of our Law Office

Plotts Law Firm

Plotts Law Firm, headed by board certified attorney Brian Plotts, is a Houston based law firm specializing in U.S. immigration law.


Address: 4151 Southwest Fwy Ste 115
Houston, TX77027USA

Tel: 713-626-8822 | Fax: 713-626-8844

Plotts Law Firm


Attorney Brian Plotts is Board Certified By The Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Official-seal-must-use3The difference between attorneys who are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Certification and those who aren't is simple. Lawyers who are board certified as "specialists" in their law practice are regarded as the best in their field. In fact, if an attorney hasn't undergone the vetting process, extreme testing, and received recommendations from a required number of judges and attorneys, they may not claim to be an "expert" or a "specialist" in their field of practice. With attorney Brian Plotts you are afforded the confidence of knowing that you are working with one of the best immigration lawyers in Houston, Texas.

Less than 10% of the 80,000+ attorneys in Texas hold a "Board Certification".

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