Attorney Brian Plotts

Attorney Brian Plotts is board certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has over 25 years of legal experience.

The attorney client relationship is one of trust and confidence.  Brian Plotts feels that undiluted communication between attorney and client is essential in this regard. For this reason he takes a hands-on approach to the business of his clients.

Houston Immigration Attorney Brian Plotts

Brian Plotts

Since he is fluent in their language, Spanish speaking clients are able to speak directly with him in detail about their cases instead of having to communicate through translators.

Mr. Plotts has found over the years that all his clients prefer having their legal matters dealt with in a direct personal way.

Brian Plotts received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston Law Center in 1987.  He has been licensed by the Texas Supreme Court to practice law in Texas since 1987.  Before attending law school he studied German language and literature at the University of Texas at Austin.  He is also fluent in German.

Upon graduation from law school he was awarded a judicial clerkship with United States District Court Judge Howell Cobb.

From his office in Houston, Mr. Plotts represents clients everywhere in the United States and abroad in a broad range of immigration matters. He has been practicing law for more than 25 years. His experience and understanding of the system, at all levels, has served as a significant asset to his clients.

Board certification is given by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization to attorneys that demonstrate the highest public commitment to excellence in their area of law.  Less than 10% of licensed Texas attorneys are Board Certified.

To become board certified in immigration law an attorney must have:

  1. Been licensed to practice law for at least five years.
  2. Devoted a certain percentage of their practice to immigration law for at least three years.
  3. Handled a wide variety of cases to demonstrate experience and involvement.
  4. Attended immigration law continuing education seminars regularly to keep legal training up to date.
  5. Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges.
  6. Passed a rigorous written examination.

How can I tell If a lawyer is board certified in their specialty?

  1. Only board certified attorneys are allowed to use the logo seen here.
  2. Check with TBLS at or call them at 512. 453. 7266

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